Training and Coaching

Everything Recro does is bespoke, designed specifically for the needs of the individual or group we’re working with.

Our client base ranges from school children to board level executives, teams and everything in between.

Personal and Group Coaching

You may be looking for a life or career review, you may know there is something more but maybe unsure how to get there.

Perhaps you’re looking to progress your career or you maybe facing redundancy and need to help assessing where you are, what you could do next and how to achieve it.

You may want to work through some issues, breakthrough what has been holding you back, achieve some goals or improve the quality of your life.

If you want to make some breakthroughs quickly you may also be interested in TFT (Thought Field Therapy). If it’s good enough for major blue chips then why not you?

John’s Coaching Profile

John's Coaching Profile Coaching Profile John McDonough

Organisational and Partnership Development

Times are challenging for many organisations right now. Teams and partnerships may be pulled together from a variety of directorates or different organisations.

Do they share a clear vision and mission? Have they gelled? Is trust and accountability high?

Adventure Based Learning: a time tested dynamic series of activities tailored around your team behaviour and needs analysis, designed to improve individual and team performance including interpersonal communications, effective problem solving, risk mitigation, delegation, mediation, management and leadership competencies.
The adventure based-learning approach of the off-site training agenda referenced, allows you to accomplish in a day and at much lower cost, what weeks of effort and time committed to traditional on-site consulting interventions cannot accomplish.