Providers and Anyone Working With Hard To Reach Long Term Unemployed

How many of your client group do you really believe you can get into work and how many do you acknowledge need more help than you can offer?

There is an inevitability that in a payment by results climate, where resources are scarce and pressure to deliver short term results is high, that those that are harder to help get overlooked. The number of long term unemployed is increasing and they are getting left further behind.

Recro can work with you to make these people employable, dealing with many of their issues and barriers and getting them to a point where they are fertile to learning, committed to changing their life and ready to enter sustainable employment.

Each client’s journey may be different but the end goal is the same.

Advisors often do not recognise their clients after three days, having completed “The Life You Want ©”.

We have proven time and again that clients who were deemed unemployable are now employable following completion of “The Life You Want ©” and sometimes supplemented with bespoke post programme support.

“If you don’t or turn down this programme you are an absolute idiot. This programme has helped me in so many ways I cannot explain or put into words. This is the best thing I have ever attended. It’s not the same as the other programmes, I even said it at the beginning but how wrong I was. This is a life changer; if you don’t do it you will regret it.”
(Tower Hamlets participant)

We often have employment opportunities available to candidates who have completed “The Life You Want ©”, easing your workload and improving your performance.

This is the game changer you have been waiting for.