About us

I set up Recro in 2009 to make a difference. I could see what was missing with employability and training schemes and how they could be improved.

Having been involved in personal development since I was 17, benefited hugely and also studied psychology, I knew what could be achieved and together with a partner who had huge experience from the states and around the world, designed “The Life You Want ©”.

With over 16 year’s recruitment experience, across all sectors and at all levels I realised that I was in a unique position to understand employers needs but also see what could be improved in the public sector supply chain (regeneration, local government and skills were amongst the sectors I recruited to).

From previous experience working with schools I knew there was a lack of awareness of career opportunities as well as how to access them.

Unrealistic expectations of school leavers and jobseekers, lack of aspiration and poor attitude were other complaints from employers.

Translating policy into delivery is often a challenge. Utilising Recro and the services we offer makes it much more achievable and realistic.

I had my first taste of personal development work at 17 and it changed my life. I’m on a constant quest to learn more and use the tools often the preserve of the few to make a life changing difference to the many.

I’m interested in helping people be the best they can be. Getting school children into careers is great. Helping them avoid unemployment is important. Picking up the pieces for those left behind, whatever their age or situation, is what we do.

Recro works with a number of highly experienced and credible associates, some of them are a bit special. If it’s good enough for high performing sports teams, corporates and individuals willing and able to invest in themselves, why not the people who need it most?

Our expertise encompasses personal and professional development, behavioural psychology, training, facilitation, coaching, mentoring, end to end recruitment solutions, CSR, talent management, consultancy and interim solutions. We have extensive regeneration knowledge and experience including how best to integrate hard and soft schemes, developing and maximising partnership working and accessing funding.