Recro is an employability and recruitment solutions consultancy and training company.

Our mission is to improve the effectiveness, efficiency and experience between the workless, employers and providers.

We design and deliver bespoke recruitment solutions for employers, helping leverage their needs through the supply chain.

Recro runs a personal breakthrough, motivation and employment programme called “The Life You Want ©” which changes peoples lives, switches their lights on and gives them the tools to get the life and career they want. We support them with training, coaching and mentoring into sustainable employment.

We make the complex bit in the middle work more effectively and efficiently. Recro provides expert consultancy and support to help all partners involved maximise the social gain and aspirations from any employment opportunities. This includes working with local authorities, JCP, colleges, training providers, housing association and the voluntary sector.

How we help the long term unemployed

We know that lack of confidence, aspiration and motivation is real challenge for many of the long term unemployed. This manifests in poor attitude and unhelpful behaviours.

Many are not life ready let alone work ready. Too often, little if anything is done to address this.

“The Life You Want ©” utilises the best of personal and professional development. In a very short space of time we create a paradigm shift in confidence, motivation and aspiration, switching their lights on.

We provide training into employment both directly and with partners and supplement this with coaching and mentoring support.

Recro wants to be a recruitment partner of choice delivering the level of service and calibre of candidates you would expect from a partner.

We’re bringing personal and professional to the masses: often the people who could benefit most but are least likely to get it.

This includes school children, the long term unemployed, those termed problem or troubled families and anyone else who wants help to change their life.

We also work with organisations and individuals helping them to develop and be more effective at what they are trying to achieve. This includes clear vision and mission and overcoming obstacles which may hamper progress.

Employment is a vital element of this and we help people understand how the game and recruitment market works as well as giving them leading edge training and introductions.

Working with Recro enables what seems impossible become possible and this includes training providers.

It also provides an opportunity to do some of the most powerful CSR work around.

It means we get people saying this….

“I feel like the fire inside of me is burning again and I’m more ready than before to get out and look for work. I feel that someone took time on me and gave me a chance to prove myself.”

“I feel good! What has worked for me was the personal development area of the programme… to help identify the areas that need to be improved and given me the confidence to do so.”

This is vital component for early intervention programmes, social mobility, social justice and health justice outcomes frameworks.